Eating Healthy; Where to Start

It doesn’t take long to get yourself lost in the amount of conflicting nutrition information out there. The arguments are endless and full of pride and ego. Even the most savvy students of the field go through plenty of “wait a second” moments with each new study and trend passing by. Add on the relentless marketing push from big brand food companies designed to trick you into thinking something is actually good for you and it’s no wonder the average consumer who hasn’t dedicated their life to nutrition research is left with a world of questions and misconceptions. 

With that being said, there is some good news here. It doesn’t have to be complicated. At Nash, we believe in keeping things simple, which is why our ingredient lists are full of real foods that you can go pick up at the store right now if you wanted to. No fillers, artificial preservatives, or anything that doesn’t belong in our bodies. This is where we believe proper nutrition begins. The majority of what we eat should be from all natural, whole foods. Pretty simple, eh? 

A quick look at the ingredient list on something in question is the only filter you really need to start eating healthier and feeling great. As an educated individual, you already inherently know what is solid and what you should probably pass on. Here are a couple examples to prove it: 

Ex. 1

Ingredient list: 

Grain Free Flour Blend (lupin flour, almond flour), Organic Erythritol, Almond Butter (roasted almonds), Pea Protein, Coconut Oil, Palm Fruit Oil, Chicory Root Fiber, Vegetable Glycerine, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla extract), Sunflower Lecithin, Cocoa Nibs, Xanthan Gum, Natural Flavor, Baking Soda, Gum Acacia, Stevioside (stevia extract), Mixed Tocopherols.

Pick up or Pass? 

The answer here is pretty obvious, but not if you looked at the front side of this Keto, Vegan, Paleo, High Fiber Protein Cookie. While it might be lower calorie and check all of the fad diet boxes, it’s going to wreck havoc on your digestive system and leave you empty and wanting more of the highly concentrated sweeteners in no time. 

Ex. 2

Ingredient list: 

Banana, peanuts, sea salt. 

Pick up or Pass? 

You’d be crazy to tell me that the first example, which technically checks off more “diet” boxes and packs more protein is a better option than your classic banana with all natural peanut butter. While you may be getting in more sugar, fats, and calories, you’re passing on the chemical man-made cocktail that’ll do much more harm than good. You’ll feel better, stay fuller longer, and have energy for whatever the day throws at you. Your body will thank you for feeding it REAL food and reward you with the focus and fuel you need for your day. 

This little exercise in checking ingredient lists is such a powerful one to practice. Next time you’re at the grocery store or looking to try a new product that makes promises of health and wellness, make sure you flip it over to see what’s inside beyond the numbers. If your gut is telling you those ingredients don’t belong in your body, it's probably right.   This is the first step to empowering yourself to eat healthy, live healthy, and feel great. 

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- Chad & Hanna, Nash Nutrition Co-Founders

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Kids can’t wait to try your new maple fall flavor bar! Thanks so much for creating something delicious & clean that my kids LOVE!!

Jill Hoying September 16, 2022

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