Our Promise To Do More Good For People And Our Planet.


A portion of our quarterly profits will be donated to various non-profits in order to help those in need.

As a customer, you'll receive emailed updates on the impact you're making with us as we continue to grow. A full review of our contributions can be found at the bottom of this page.


Each quarter, with the help of Pachama, we will be purchasing enough certified carbon credits to be considered a carbon negative business. This simply means that we will be offsetting more carbon than we're producing as a company. 

Although there are some unavoidable costs to the earth associated with doing business, we are dedicated to doing everything we can between our doors to ensure that we are operating as sustainably as possible.


100% of profits from our merchandise branded with "The Good For You Project" will go directly towards our current quarterly charity. This is an additional, separate fund from our standard profit giveback. 


The Good For You Project Contributions

Q1 2021

- 600 meals donated to the Houston Food Bank.  

Q2 2021

- Clean water provided for a family through The Water Project.

Q3 2021

- Contributed portion of profits to the Lymphoma Research Foundation

Q4 2021

- Donated to Soccer Without Borders, an organization focused on providing youth development leagues and programs to under-served youth in the United States. 

Q1 2022

- Aid provided to Ukrainian women, girls, families, and elderly through The Ukraine Crisis Fund of Care USA. 

Q2 2022 

- Contributed to the Kids In Need Foundation for school supplies and resources for under-resourced students and classrooms.